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What we offer to our Creators


We give Yung/New Creators the opportunity to Display their NFT on all our platform for free


we also enlighten young / New Creators on the major FEATURES to look out for when creating an NFT to ensure easy sales


We give out creators the opportunity to work with other creators on collaboration NFT'S and learn new things


We offer a platform where young Creators can share their work and get quick sales

Top Drops


At Crypto Plug 🔌, the security and safety of user funds are our top priority 🔐

Keeping this in mind, we have made our wallet addresses, list of exchanges, & independent #ProofOfReserves report public.

We provided , a platform that tracks crypto assets, with the necessary information and details required to publish the report.

The plug have sufficient reserve funds to meet the user’s needs in unforeseen scenarios. To elaborate further, we can proudly say that we have more than a 1:1 Reserves to Liabilities ratio.

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